Community Canal Clean Up – Smethwick, Birmingham

Eco-Sikh UK teams up with the Canal and River Trust

Eco-Sikh UK teamed up with the Canal and River Trust for a community canal clean up on Saturday 29th February in Smetwick, on the outskirts of Birmingham.

Local community groups, the Abrahamic Foundation and Holy Trinity Church were also in attendance, to assist with the clean-up, from Brasshouse Lane to Galton Bridge, as part of the Plastics Challenge.

Teams of volunteers worked from on-board the Canal and River Trust boats using nets to clean hard to reach parts of the canal, as well as the towpaths, collecting waste and litter to be recycled and disposed of correctly.

Community Canal Clean-Up, Smethwick

Canals have played an important part in Smethwick’s industrial heritage, forging iron since the industrial revolution, and more recently, intertwined with the local Sikh community since the 1960’s.

Nowadays the canals are a vital blue/green ribbon and an essential ecosystem, that’s enhancing the natural habitat, and increasing bio-diversity in the local area.

Amritpal Singh Agar, Canal And River Trust & Eco-Sikh UK says:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Canal and River Trust for providing the resources to enable the clean up. Also, I’d like to thank the volunteers who joined us from the Abrahamic Foundation and the Holy Trinity Church.”

“By doing this seva (selfless service), together we can enhance the natural environment, combat climate change, and bring a sense of health and wellbeing to the areas we live in.”

Dr Hardeep Singh Mudhar, Eco-Sikh UK says:

“It’s incredible what folks dump in the waterways, we even found a cannabis plant in a sack!

“It was a great feeling afterwards, especially as were able to see the trees and daffodils planted by Eco-Sikh UK last year-growing beautifully….a real blessing today”

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