With the recent easing of lockdown, and the world returning to the ’new normal’, many of us may have had some time to contemplate and reflect upon the world around us.

This week sees the launch of JHA-GO – a new campaign looking at how many have been using some of their time during lockdown to reconnect with the environment, appreciating nature and rekindling our relationship with Mother Earth.


Environmental theology in Sikhi refers to the earth as ‘Dharamsaal,’ a religious sanctuary where union with the Divine is attained. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji describes this in the morning recitation of Jap Ji Sahib. 

Amid lockdown and these unprecedented times, we live in the changing seasons of air, water and fire. The Creator established the earth as the home for us all to realise their Divinity in this world.  

Share your moments of connecting with nature with us. Whether it be tree planting, tending to your garden or just listening to bird song, post them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, tagging @EcoSikhUK and using #JHA-GO.

Here is an archive of what the team at Eco-Sikh UK have been up to over the last few months or so for some inspiration.

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