October beckons in the Punjabi month of Katak – ਕੱਤਕ

In the Baramaha shabad in Raag Tukhari in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Guru Nanak Dev ji says about Katak:

……’One who dies in faults and demerits-her death is not successful. But one who dies in glorious virtue, really truly dies. Those who are blessed with devotional worship of the Naam, sit in the home of their own inner being. They place their hopes in You. Nanak, please open the shutters of your door, O Lord and meet me. A single moment is like six months to me’.

Katak is a time when death is occurring in nature. Leaves are falling from the trees, flowers are dying and animals are going into hibernation. Nature has created death only then to create life again six months later in the spring months of March and April.

The word G.O.D. can be summarised as Generator (G); Operator (O) and Destroyer (D) and these are its universal attributes. The death in nature that is happening at present, reminds us of our inevitable physical death one day. However, the true death that Guru Ji reminds us of, is a living death where the wall of EGO subsides and all that is left is the home of one’s own inner being.

The EGO of individuals and governments has created destruction of the air, water and soil, leaving us with a planet teetering on the edge of mass species extinction and major climate change.

The planet needs humans who have died in glorious virtue and transcended their EGO. It is these individuals who will respect the air as their Guru, the water as their father and the earth as their mother, leading to an environmental renaissance. It is this transition from EGO to ECO that mother Earth requires to regain its balance. 

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