Marking World Sikh Environment Day 2021

To mark the Sikh New Year and World Sikh Environment Day over 70 participants attended the inaugural EcoSikhUK virtual conference.

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Eco-Sikh UK to hold first ever World Sikh Environment Day Conference 2021

Eco-Sikh UK will be holding the first ever World Sikh Environment Day Conference on Sunday 14th Marchfrom 2pm. The event will bring together academics, activists, campaigners and experts to discuss some of the biggest environmental challenges we face today.Continue reading “Eco-Sikh UK to hold first ever World Sikh Environment Day Conference 2021”

Punjab Farmers Protests Explained

Hundreds of thousands of farmers predominately from Punjab and Haryana have descended upon the outskirts of the Indian capital, Delhi to protest against agricultural reforms that were ratified by the Indian state in September.

The controversial reforms deregulate the sale of crops at the Mandis (traditional regulated markets) where farmers are guaranteed a MSP (Minimum Support Price), leaving them at the mercy of the big corporations and large private buyers.

Check this short-animated video below by Prince Singh to help better understand these laws and what they mean for farmers.

Feeding Birds in the Garden

This is a great way to get near our feathered friends. If you want to attract a large number of birds, you will need to feed the birds high quality food. Attention to nutrition is essential. The food needs to be high in calories to give energy for flight and high in protein for feather and egg production. People would feed birds in winter only but now it is recommended they are fed all-year round. Continue reading “Feeding Birds in the Garden”

Maghar | ਮੱਘਰ   

Mid-November to Mid-December

We welcome in the mid-November Sangraad month of Maghar (ਮੱਘਰ). On Ang 1109 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, In Raag Tukhari, Guru Nanak Dev Ji says when describing Maghar:

‘Moveless, Wise and Omniscent is my Creator-Lord, but the whole world is moveable. 

The moveable world spins on its axis creating days and nights and the tilt creates the seasons as the earth orbits the sun. November is a time of cold frosty weather, bare trees, short days and long nights.Continue reading “Maghar | ਮੱਘਰ   “

Bring a Spade Day!

The Sikh community in Leeds will be launching Bring a Spade Day – in a bid to raise £9000 to plant over 550 trees to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.Continue reading “Bring a Spade Day!”

October beckons in the Punjabi month of Katak – ਕੱਤਕ

In the Baramaha shabad in Raag Tukhari in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Guru Nanak Dev ji says about Katak:

……’One who dies in faults and demerits-her death is not successful. But one who dies in glorious virtue, really truly dies. Those who are blessed with devotional worship of the Naam, sit in the home of their own inner being. They place their hopes in You. Nanak, please open the shutters of your door, O Lord and meet me. A single moment is like six months to me’.Continue reading “October beckons in the Punjabi month of Katak – ਕੱਤਕ”

Earth Overshoot Day

Source: Global Footprint Network

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year.Continue reading “Earth Overshoot Day”